301 Today


Today 301 Washington Street is owned by Cummins Inc.

After the deaths of J. Irwin Miller in 2004 and Xenia S. Miller in 2008, Irwin Management Company sold the building at 301 to Cummins Inc. in 2011. Cummins Inc. is the successor of the Cummins Engine Company founded by Clessie Cummins in 1919 with financial backing from William G. Irwin.

Recognizing the historical significance of the building, Cummins was intent on maintaining the integrity of J. Irwin Miller's office and reception areas at 301. Portions of Alexander Girard's 1962 and 1972 designs remain intact.

All photographs in "301 Today" are by Hadley Fruits. The Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives received support from Cummins Inc. to photograph the building's interior.