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A black and white photograph of downtown Columbus from the air, facing northwest.

A color photograph showing William D. Chambers' office in the Irwin Management Company offices at 301 Washington Street immediately after the 1972 renovation was completed.

Black and white portrait of Clementine Miller and J. Irwin Miller in historic dress within a greeting card that mimics an antique photograph album. Accession No. 90.7.23

A color photo of the exterior of the Third Street side of 301 Washington Street taken during excavation and renovation of the complex.

A black and white photograph of Irwin's Bank with employees standing at entrance and sitting in windows. Accession No. 85.3

A color photograph of J. Irwin Miller standing in front of Irwin Management Company offices at 301 Washington Street.

A black and white panoramic photograph showing three corners of the intersection of Washington and Third Streets.

A black and white photograph of pastel portrait of Zachary Taylor Sweeney, signed by Herbert Keene.

A color portrait photograph of J. Irwin Miller. Annotation on the reverse dates the portrait to 1999.

A black and white portrait photograph of Joseph Ireland Irwin.
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