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A full page newspaper advertisement for Irwin Union Bank with a timeline history of Irwin’s Bank and photographs of bank buildings, including 301 Washington Street.

The history of Irwin Union Bank, Irwin's Bank, and Joseph Ireland Irwin is discussed in articles within this special advertising section of the Evening Republican.

In an article on celebrities and their gardens, Alexander Girard and Susan Girard are pictured among houseplants in their Santa Fe home.

A special supplement in celebration of Elsie Irwin Sweeney, published on April 10, 1970, which was declared Elsie I. Sweeney Day in the state of Indiana.

A newspaper article on the history of 301 Washington Street on the occasion of the sale of the building and the closure of Irwin Management Company. John Dorenbusch, Owen Hungerford, William D. Chambers, and Will I. Miller contribute personal and…

A photocopied article on Alexander Girard’s renovation of Irwin Management Company offices at 301 Washington Street, featuring Balthazar Korab's photographs.

A newspaper article on Alexander Girard’s collection of folk art dolls and toys and his intention to create a museum in Santa Fe. Text is extensively underlined in red pen.

An announcement of Alexander Girard’s environmental enrichment panel designs for Herman Miller, released 1972, with a focus on “Love Heart.” Attached memo slip addressed to William D. Chambers.

A brief article on Alexander Girard’s environmental enrichment panel designs for Herman Miller, released 1972, in the “Decorating Newsletter” column of American Home magazine. Clipping is undated.

An article on Alexander Girard’s career as a designer published in Dwell magazine, February 2008.
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