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Photocoopy of a letter describing the National Historic Landmark designation process in detail. Requests that the Millers waive the 60-day comment period so that the designation may be considered at the next board meeting. Attached to the letter is a…

Letter requests that Irwin Management Company and J. Irwin Miller consider photographing interior renovations of Irwin Management Company offices at 301 Washington Street in order to place an article in a publication.

Letter reports conversation with George Newlin and J. Irwin Miller about having photographs taken for potential publication of Alexander Girard's renovation of Irwin Management Company offices at 301 Washington Street. Inquires what normal practices…

Letter explains normal practices in design publications for handling photography costs and requesting right of approval on articles before publication.

Letter responds to Alexander Girard's request that drawings of his renovation of Irwin Management Company at 301 Washington Street be sent to Interiors magazine. Affirms that Balthazar Korab has provided photographs and that the draft will be…

Letter responds to Alexander Girard's request to send detail drawings to Interiors magazine in preparation for publication of 301 Washington Street.

Letter accompanies enclosure of John Deere brochures. [enclosures are not in collection]

Letter announces an exhibit of Alexander Girard-designed fabric panels at Herman Miller in New York City. Girard invites William D. Chambers to meet him and Susan Girard at the opening.

Carbon copy of a letter describes drawings and photos sent to Alexander Girard to help him lay out a new color scheme for the Irwin Block.

Letter discusses 301 Washington Street carpet. Alexander Girard recommends reordering carpet from original mill to replace original worn carpet.
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