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Typescript notes from an interview with Margaret Perkinson Schwartzkopf about her memories of 19th century Columbus, including early experiences of Irwin's Bank and her time working for Joseph I. Irwin at his dry goods store in the 1880s. Other…

Notes on a reunion of Eliel Saarinen, Eero Saarinen, and J. Robert F. Swanson Architectural offices. Notes summarize remarks from family members and associates including Gunnar Birkerts and Balthazar Korab.

Notes on the publication of Alexander Girard's interior design for Irwin Management Company offices in Interiors magazine. Photographs were requested from Balthazar Korab's office, and Irwin Management Company wants to review before publication.

Notes on building features to point out during tours through Irwin Management Company at 301 Washington Street. Focus is on elements of Alexander Girard’s renovations.

Notes on materials to display during tours of Irwin Management Company at 301 Washington Street. Materials include drawings from Alexander Girard’s renovations, Interiors magazine article, and Balthazar Korab photos.

Handwritten itinerary for tours of 301 Washington Street.

An outline for part of a tour titled “Welcome/Intro” includes a history of family businesses such as Joseph Ireland Irwin’s dry goods store, Irwin’s bank, Union Starch & Refining Co, Cummins, and Irwin Management Company. Outline continues with…

A sketched table layout for a tour group of 25 people.

Sketch layout of visual and textual materials related to Irwin Management Company at 301 Washington Street, in preparation for tours of the building.

A sketched family tree of Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Family.
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