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A brief article on Alexander Girard’s environmental enrichment panel designs for Herman Miller, released 1972, in the “Decorating Newsletter” column of American Home magazine. Clipping is undated.

A 57-minute sound recording of the dedication of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library and Large Arch. The recording documents the dedication of the Bartholomew County Library, which was named in honor of long-term librarian, Cleo Rogers (1906-1964). The…

A 52-minute video recording of the 1998 dedication of the Hope Branch of the Bartholomew County Public Library in Hope, Indiana. The library was designed by Deborah Berke and her firm, Deborah Berke Partners. The introductory speech was given by the…

A 38-minute video recording of the dedication of Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana. The park was designed by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh (1951-) and featured structures by structural architect Stanley Saitowitz (1949-). The…

A 20-minute audio recording of the dedication of Lincoln Elementary School in Columbus, Indiana. The highlight of the ceremony was the speech by First Lady Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007), who visited Columbus as part of her Crossroads: USA Tour. Her…

Printout of an email discussing the upcoming Cooper-Hewitt design study group visit to Columbus and requesting Irwin Management Company staff to prepare by cleaning work spaces. Recipients include a staff mailing list, Roselyn Johnston at Irwin…

Printout of an email discussing a tour of 301 Washington Street by the Bauhaus Group from the Chicago Architectural Institute, facilitated by the Visitors Center. Recipients are WIlliam D. Chambers and Melody Hageman.

A set of 33 construction drawings dated July 19, 2013 for the renovation of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library plaza. Seven drawings are available here.
Drawings are
Cover Sheet (front and back)
G001 Sheet Index & Overall Site Plan
L100 Layout &…

Hand-colored drawing for proposed IMAC (Indianapolis Museum of Art at Columbus) garden at Franklin Square in Columbus, Indiana.

Printout of an email discussing a February 2008 article in Dwell magazine about Alexander Girard. Recipients of the email are Catherine Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Will Miller, Margaret Miller, and Sarla Kalsi.
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