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A printout of a personal email discussing a recent article about the sale of 301 Washington Street and life after retirement.

Printout of online newspaper article “301 legacy guidepost for future,” Republic (Columbus, Ind.), January 24, 2011. Article considers history of Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Family and their businesses at 301 Washington Street at the time of Irwin…

Printout of an email discussing a February 2008 article in Dwell magazine about Alexander Girard. Recipients of the email are Catherine Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Will Miller, Margaret Miller, and Sarla Kalsi.

A detailed itinerary and participant list for a group visit by designers and museum stakeholders to Columbus in October 2000.

Printout of an email discussing the upcoming Cooper-Hewitt design study group visit to Columbus and requesting Irwin Management Company staff to prepare by cleaning work spaces. Recipients include a staff mailing list, Roselyn Johnston at Irwin…

Photocopy of a two-page letter and a two-page tour itinerary. Dunn proposes a visit of designers and Cooper-Hewitt Museum stakeholders to the Miller House and Garden and 301 Washington Street, and requests approval from the Millers.

Printout of an email discussing a tour of 301 Washington Street by the Bauhaus Group from the Chicago Architectural Institute, facilitated by the Visitors Center. Recipients are WIlliam D. Chambers and Melody Hageman.

Letter discusses 301 Washington Street carpet. Alexander Girard recommends reordering carpet from original mill to replace original worn carpet.

Carbon copy of a letter describes drawings and photos sent to Alexander Girard to help him lay out a new color scheme for the Irwin Block.

Memo documents Irwin Block painting project progress. Alexander Girard inspected building and advised sandblasting brick and repainting trim in a new color scheme.
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