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Brief memo accompanies an enclosure described as "HISTOGRAPH." [Enclosure is not in collection]

Letter announces an exhibit of Alexander Girard-designed fabric panels at Herman Miller in New York City. Girard invites William D. Chambers to meet him and Susan Girard at the opening.

Letter accompanies enclosure of John Deere brochures. [enclosures are not in collection]

Memo describes a sketch showing ceiling and wall dimensions to facilitate ordering carpet to cover them.

Memo accompanies a drawing of a furniture layout for an office area within Irwin Management Company at 301 Washington Street. Attached blueline drawing with title block of Alexander Girard, Architect, numbered 539, Job no. IMO II, dated Jan. 29,…

Memo describes attached thread samples for ceiling carpet and special floor carpet. The thread samples, one green and one off-white, are wound on card bobbins, are attached to the memo.

Notes on the publication of Alexander Girard's interior design for Irwin Management Company offices in Interiors magazine. Photographs were requested from Balthazar Korab's office, and Irwin Management Company wants to review before publication.

Memo requests review and feedback on attached draft of Interiors magazine article about Alexander Girard's renovation of Irwin Management Company Offices at 301 Washington Street.

Memo requests review and feedback on draft of Interiors Magazine Article about Alexander Girard's renovation of Irwin Management Company Offices at 301 Washington Street. [article draft is attached to another version of this memo in the collection]

Letter responds to Alexander Girard's request to send detail drawings to Interiors magazine in preparation for publication of 301 Washington Street.
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